Finding Aids

We know our researchers consider our finding aids to be invaluable! These are catalogues of the archives and they explain what is in the collections. They're sorted into the different businesses, local authorities, families or organisations which made these records. The pdf finding aids are listed below.

If you are looking for scanned images of photographs try using the Collections Browser. You can make up your own searches on the Collections Browser or explore the highlights page.

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  • Bo'ness 6

    Bo'ness 1 - Commissioners

    pdf, 152.8 KB

    Bo'ness 2 - Town Council

    pdf, 659.7 KB

    Bo'ness 3 - Dean of Guild

    pdf, 816.9 KB

    Bo'ness 4 - Courts

    pdf, 126.8 KB

    Bo'ness 5 - Parochial Boards

    pdf, 147.3 KB

    Bo'ness 6 - Community Council

    pdf, 113.8 KB

  • Business and Industry 28

    Aluminium industry

    pdf, 335.9 KB


    pdf, 127.0 KB

    Banks and Building Societies

    pdf, 7.2 KB

    Brickmaking industries

    pdf, 367.6 KB

    Bus operators

    pdf, 163.4 KB


    pdf, 287.3 KB

    Chamber of Commerce

    pdf, 69.4 KB

    Chemical industry

    pdf, 274.0 KB

    Coach and bus builders

    pdf, 69.3 KB

    Coal industries

    pdf, 13.4 KB

    Energy industries

    pdf, 86.6 KB


    pdf, 93.3 KB

    Food and drink industries

    pdf, 236.9 KB

    Friendly societies and co-operatives

    pdf, 201.7 KB


    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Iron foundries and iron industries

    pdf, 2.3 MB


    pdf, 10.7 KB

    Journals newspapers and newsagents

    pdf, 103.8 KB

    Machine equipment and tools manufacturing

    pdf, 213.2 KB

    Paper industries

    pdf, 124.0 KB

    Port authorities

    pdf, 61.5 KB


    pdf, 138.5 KB

    Radio and electronics

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Railway companies

    pdf, 139.8 KB

    Shipmakers, shipping industry and marine engines

    pdf, 601.9 KB

    Sports and leisure

    pdf, 259.3 KB

    Timber industries

    pdf, 116.1 KB

    Trades and retail

    pdf, 266.0 KB

  • Churches 71

    Airth Free Church

    pdf, 7.3 KB

    Airth Parish Church

    pdf, 14.3 KB

    Bethany Hall Church

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Blackbraes and Shieldhill Church

    pdf, 71.1 KB

    Blackbraes Church

    pdf, 10.0 KB

    Bo'ness Old Parish Church

    pdf, 79.3 KB

    Bo'ness St Andrew's

    pdf, 34.9 KB

    Bo'ness St Catherine's

    pdf, 65.2 KB

    Bo'ness St Mary's

    pdf, 6.7 KB


    pdf, 65.6 KB

    Bothkennar Carronshore Church

    pdf, 14.0 KB

    Brightons Parish Church

    pdf, 17.4 KB

    Carriden Parish Church

    pdf, 24.3 KB

    Carron Parish Church

    pdf, 12.5 KB

    Condorrat Parish Church

    pdf, 12.3 KB

    Cumbernauld Free Church

    pdf, 65.0 KB

    Cumbernauld Kildrum Parish Church

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Cumbernauld Old Parish Church

    pdf, 90.2 KB

    Cumbernauld United Presbyterian Church

    pdf, 43.3 KB

    Denny Broompark Church

    pdf, 93.6 KB

    Denny Old Parish Church

    pdf, 12.0 KB

    Denny West Church

    pdf, 17.1 KB

    Denny Westpark Church

    pdf, 7.9 KB

    Dennyloanhead Church

    pdf, 31.0 KB

    Dunipace Free Church

    pdf, 8.0 KB

    Dunipace Parish Church

    pdf, 8.5 KB

    Dunmore St Andrews Episcopal Church

    pdf, 56.8 KB

    Falkirk Bainsford Church

    pdf, 8.2 KB

    Falkirk Baptist Church

    pdf, 9.9 KB

    Falkirk Camelon Irving Church

    pdf, 81.6 KB

    Falkirk Camelon St John's Church

    pdf, 95.7 KB

    Falkirk Camelon Trinity Church

    pdf, 12.2 KB

    Falkirk Christ Church Episcopal

    pdf, 90.1 KB

    Falkirk Congregational Church

    pdf, 8.0 KB

    Falkirk Erskine Church

    pdf, 153.2 KB

    Falkirk Evangelical Church

    pdf, 9.7 KB

    Falkirk Grahams Road Church

    pdf, 77.7 KB

    Falkirk Grahamston Parish Church

    pdf, 20.2 KB

    Falkirk Grahamston United Church

    pdf, 64.3 KB

    Falkirk Laurieston Parish Church

    pdf, 11.8 KB

    Falkirk Laurieston St Columba's Church

    pdf, 68.8 KB

    Falkirk Old Parish Church

    pdf, 44.1 KB

    Falkirk Presbyterial Council Church of Scotland Guild

    pdf, 69.5 KB

    Falkirk St Andrew's Church

    pdf, 28.2 KB

    Falkirk St Francis Church

    pdf, 67.4 KB

    Falkirk St Modans Church

    pdf, 41.9 KB

    Falkirk Trinity Evangelical

    pdf, 17.9 KB

    Falkirk West Church

    pdf, 83.6 KB

    Grangemouth Charing Cross Church

    pdf, 15.3 KB

    Grangemouth Christ the King

    pdf, 67.1 KB

    Grangemouth Dundas Church

    pdf, 9.7 KB

    Grangemouth Grange Church

    pdf, 25.4 KB

    Grangemouth Kerse Church

    pdf, 32.2 KB

    Grangemouth Kirk of the Holy Rood

    pdf, 7.9 KB

    Grangemouth Old Parish Church

    pdf, 19.6 KB

    Grangemouth West Church

    pdf, 16.9 KB

    Grangemouth Zetland Parish Church

    pdf, 7.5 KB

    Haggs Parish Church

    pdf, 10.2 KB

    Larbert East Church

    pdf, 11.9 KB

    Larbert Old Church

    pdf, 18.2 KB

    Larbert West Church

    pdf, 31.2 KB

    Muiravonside Church

    pdf, 78.7 KB

    Polmont Old Parish

    pdf, 41.0 KB

    Polmont Old Parish Church

    pdf, 180.0 KB

    Presbytery of Falkirk and Linlithgow

    pdf, 70.8 KB

    Shieldhill Free Church

    pdf, 16.3 KB

    Slamannan Free Church

    pdf, 9.4 KB

    Slamannan Parish Church

    pdf, 27.8 KB

    Stenhouse and Carron Parish Church

    pdf, 67.2 KB

    Stenhouse Parish Church

    pdf, 12.1 KB

    Stenhousemuir Universalist Church

    pdf, 8.5 KB

  • Customs and Excise 2

    Customs and excise 1

    pdf, 129.5 KB

    Customs and excise 2

    pdf, 36.1 KB

  • Falkirk 17

    Falkirk Commissioners

    pdf, 35.5 KB

    Falkirk Feuars

    pdf, 12.1 KB

    Falkirk Licensing Court

    pdf, 15.6 KB

    Falkirk Police Court

    pdf, 21.4 KB

    Falkirk Stentmasters

    pdf, 20.0 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 01 - Minutes

    pdf, 77.0 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 02 - Town Clerk

    pdf, 203.7 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 03 - Chamberlain

    pdf, 228.5 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 04 - Engineer

    pdf, 36.6 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 05 - Surveyor

    pdf, 14.1 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 06 - Sanitary Inspector

    pdf, 242.7 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 06 - Sanitary Inspector

    pdf, 242.7 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 07 - Dean of Guild

    pdf, 1.9 MB

    Falkirk Town Council 08 - Cemeteries

    pdf, 80.6 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 09 - Housing

    pdf, 19.0 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 10 - Corporation

    pdf, 81.7 KB

    Falkirk Town Council 11 - Gas Commissioners

    pdf, 15.1 KB

  • Falkirk District Council Records 7

    01 Committees

    pdf, 824.9 KB

    02 Law and Administration

    pdf, 35.8 KB

    03 Finance

    pdf, 25.3 KB

    04 Development

    pdf, 305.5 KB

    05 Contract Services

    pdf, 7.3 KB

    06 Housing

    pdf, 69.4 KB

    07 Leisure

  • Family Papers 6

    Family and personal papers A-C

    pdf, 880.0 KB

    Family and personal papers D-F

    pdf, 297.5 KB

    Family and personal papers G-L

    pdf, 580.0 KB

    Family and personal papers M-N

    pdf, 862.7 KB

    Family and personal papers O-R

    pdf, 228.1 KB

    Family and personal papers S-Z

    pdf, 820.4 KB

  • Forbes of Callendar Papers 29

    00 - Introduction to Forbes Papers

    pdf, 30.6 KB

    01 - William Forbes

    pdf, 1.7 MB

    02 - Trustees

    pdf, 209.2 KB

    03 - 2nd William Forbes

    pdf, 493.1 KB

    04 - 3rd William Forbes

    pdf, 82.8 KB

    05 - 4th William Forbes

    pdf, 117.2 KB

    06 - Copper business

    pdf, 267.8 KB

    07 - Political papers

    pdf, 94.4 KB

    08 - Stirling County

    pdf, 104.7 KB

    09 - Callendar

    pdf, 814.1 KB

    10 - Earlstoun

    pdf, 203.4 KB

    11 - Sanquhar

    pdf, 142.9 KB

    12 - minor properties

    pdf, 117.3 KB

    13 - non-Forbes properties

    pdf, 33.8 KB

    14 - William financial

    pdf, 70.4 KB

    15 - Trustees financial

    pdf, 124.3 KB

    16 - 2nd William financial

    pdf, 77.1 KB

    17 - Callendar legal

    pdf, 165.4 KB

    18 - Herbertshire legal

    pdf, 91.6 KB

    19 - Earlstoun legal

    pdf, 79.5 KB

    20 - Sanquhar legal

    pdf, 66.6 KB

    21 - executries

    pdf, 76.6 KB

    22 - legal

    pdf, 134.2 KB

    23 - miscellaneous

    pdf, 160.2 KB

    24 - Callendar plans

    pdf, 365.2 KB

    25 - Herbertshire plans

    pdf, 72.8 KB

    26 - Earlstoun plans

    pdf, 93.4 KB

    27 - Sanquhar plans

    pdf, 92.0 KB

    28 - 20th century estate papers

    pdf, 657.1 KB

  • Organisations 111

    51 Highland Division trust fund

    pdf, 8.6 KB

    Amalgamated Society of Engineers

    pdf, 85.4 KB

    Bo'ness Amateur Operatic Society

    pdf, 9.3 KB

    Bo'ness and Carriden Brass Band

    pdf, 39.4 KB

    Bo'ness and Carriden Christian Association

    pdf, 6.6 KB

    Bo'ness Bowling Club

    pdf, 39.0 KB

    Bo'ness Cycling Club

    pdf, 8.8 KB

    Bo'ness Fair Committee

    pdf, 76.2 KB

    Bo'ness Football Club

    pdf, 7.4 KB

    Bo'ness Grangemouth Archaeological Society

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    Bo'ness Horticultural Society

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Bo'ness Liberal Club

    pdf, 7.1 KB

    Bo'ness Literary Association

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    Bo'ness Rebels Literary Society

    pdf, 64.2 KB

    Boys Brigade

    pdf, 66.7 KB

    BPW Grangemouth

    pdf, 34.1 KB

    Bridgeness Bo'ness Regatta

    pdf, 7.1 KB

    Bridgeness and Carriden Miners Welfare Bowling Club

    pdf, 6.0 KB

    British Foundrymen's Association

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Camelon Mariners Gala Association

    pdf, 11.6 KB

    Carron Preceptory

    pdf, 7.5 KB

    Dawson Mission

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Denny and Dunipace Canine Club

    pdf, 7.1 KB

    Denny and Dunipace Gala Association

    pdf, 7.2 KB

    Denny Curling Club

    pdf, 8.7 KB

    East Stirlingshire Area Mod Committee

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Falkirk Arts Civic Council

    pdf, 66.7 KB

    Falkirk Bohemians

    pdf, 266.4 KB

    Falkirk Burgh Merchants Association

    pdf, 9.1 KB

    Falkirk Burns Club

    pdf, 67.9 KB

    Falkirk Caledonia Choir

    pdf, 61.0 KB

    Falkirk Camera Club

    pdf, 6.8 KB

    Falkirk Charity Sabbath Evening School Society

    pdf, 7.0 KB

    Falkirk Cross Keys Burns Club

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    Falkirk Curling Club

    pdf, 208.3 KB

    Falkirk District Choral Union

    pdf, 65.0 KB

    Falkirk District Grocers

    pdf, 7.2 KB

    Falkirk District Licensed Trade Defence Association

    pdf, 6.7 KB

    Falkirk District Motor Club

    pdf, 7.3 KB

    Falkirk District Primary Schools FA

    pdf, 6.1 KB

    Falkirk District Rose Society

    pdf, 7.3 KB

    Falkirk Fair

    pdf, 63.2 KB

    Falkirk Fishing Club

    pdf, 6.5 KB

    Falkirk Golf Club

    pdf, 59.1 KB

    Falkirk High School Club

    pdf, 93.0 KB

    Falkirk High School Drama Society

    pdf, 58.9 KB

    Falkirk Horticultural Society

    pdf, 13.3 KB

    Falkirk Labour Party

    pdf, 64.0 KB

    Falkirk Larbert Agricultural and Gymkhana Association

    pdf, 6.6 KB

    Falkirk Natural History and Archaeological Society

    pdf, 78.6 KB

    Falkirk Operatic Society

    pdf, 85.5 KB

    Falkirk Players

    pdf, 8.1 KB

    Falkirk Quimper Fellowship

    pdf, 15.4 KB

    Falkirk Rotaract Club

    pdf, 11.6 KB

    Falkirk Rotary Club

    pdf, 106.8 KB

    Falkirk Round Table

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Falkirk Scientific Film Society

    pdf, 7.5 KB

    Falkirk Ski Club

    pdf, 9.2 KB

    Falkirk Weavers

    pdf, 6.7 KB

    Falkirk West Conservative Association

    pdf, 44.7 KB

    Falkirk Women Citizens Association

    pdf, 8.9 KB

    Falkirk YMCA

    pdf, 82.3 KB

    General Iron Fitters Association

    pdf, 229.8 KB

    Grangemouth Auxiliary Bible Society

    pdf, 6.6 KB

    Grangemouth Bowling Club

    pdf, 7.3 KB

    Grangemouth Sea Cadets

    pdf, 7.1 KB

    ICI Grangemouth Hockey Club

    pdf, 63.8 KB

    Institute of Civil Engineers

    pdf, 63.9 KB

    Institute of Petroleum Scottish Branch

    pdf, 15.9 KB

    International Order of Good Templars

    pdf, 65.4 KB

    Ironfounding Workers Association

    pdf, 10.3 KB

    Kelvinbank Badminton Club

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Kinneil Community Association

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Kinneil Miners Welfare Society

    pdf, 6.5 KB

    Kinneil Reed Band

    pdf, 6.5 KB

    Larbert Operatic Society

    pdf, 66.4 KB

    Laurieston Childrens Day

    pdf, 64.5 KB

    Laurieston Coremakers

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Linlithgow Union Canal Society

    pdf, 66.2 KB

    Lodge Camelon

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds

    pdf, 63.0 KB

    Muirhead Sons Pipe Band

    pdf, 9.5 KB

    National Association of Local Government Officers

    pdf, 8.3 KB

    National Federation of Master Painters

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    National Federation of Property Owners

    pdf, 6.6 KB

    National Light Castings Ironfounders

    pdf, 6.8 KB

    National Union of Dock Labourers

    pdf, 33.5 KB

    National Union of Foundry Workers

    pdf, 7.4 KB

    National Union of Sheet Metal Workers

    pdf, 9.9 KB

    National Union of Stove

    pdf, 6.4 KB

    Polmont Rotary Club

    pdf, 217.8 KB

    Polmont Golf Club

    pdf, 8.9 KB

    Polmont Owner Occupiers

    pdf, 19.4 KB

    Redding Disaster Relief Fund

    pdf, 106.2 KB

    Redding Pit Disaster Inquiry

    pdf, 28.5 KB

    SCOTTIE Society for control of troublesome toxic industrial emissions

    pdf, 194.1 KB

    Scottish Central Football League

    pdf, 6.6 KB

    Scottish Community Drama Association

    pdf, 6.5 KB

    Scottish National Party

    pdf, 7.2 KB

    Scottish Painters Society

    pdf, 77.1 KB

    Slamannan Limerigg and Avonbridge Nursing

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    Socialist Labour Party

    pdf, 60.3 KB

    Society of Chemical Industry

    pdf, 6.3 KB

    St Andrews Ambulance Association

    pdf, 75.6 KB

    Stirling County Women

    pdf, 62.5 KB

    Stirlingshire District Christian Union

    pdf, 93.0 KB

    Stirlingshire Junior Football Association

    pdf, 6.9 KB

    United Temperance Party

    pdf, 61.8 KB

    University of East Stirlingshire Campaign

    pdf, 80.7 KB

    Upper Forth Sailing Club

    pdf, 7.0 KB

    Westquarter and Polmont Curling Club

    pdf, 6.7 KB

  • Building Warrant Plans 5

    Bo'ness Building Warrant plans

    pdf, 842.2 KB

    Denny and Dunipace Building Warrant plans

    pdf, 443.4 KB

    Falkirk Building Warrant plans

    pdf, 1.9 MB

    Stirling County Building Warrants

    pdf, 2.5 MB

    West Lothian County Building Warrants

    pdf, 242.3 KB

  • Estate Plans 6

    Callendar estates plans

    pdf, 365.2 KB

    Earlstoun plans

    pdf, 93.4 KB

    Herbertshire plans

    pdf, 73.0 KB

    Russel and Aitken Estate particulars

    pdf, 22.8 KB

    Russel and Aitken maps and plans

    pdf, 219.8 KB

    Sanquhar plans

    pdf, 92.2 KB

  • Architects' plans 1

    Wilson and Wilson

    pdf, 95.0 KB

  • Russel and Aitken Collection 34

    01 - list of contents

    pdf, 101.3 KB

    02 - Business records

    pdf, 161.1 KB

    03 - Maps

    pdf, 219.8 KB

    04 - Estate particulars

    pdf, 23.1 KB

    05 - Corporate clients

    pdf, 274.5 KB

    06 - Miscellaneous clients

    pdf, 983.8 KB

    07 - Aitken family

    pdf, 241.9 KB

    08 - Russel family

    pdf, 231.2 KB

    09 - Wyse

    pdf, 40.9 KB

    10 - Hosie

    pdf, 75.0 KB

    11 - Fulton

    pdf, 23.6 KB

    12 - Heugh

    pdf, 90.8 KB

    13 - Simpson

    pdf, 18.6 KB

    14 - Duke of Hamilton

    pdf, 34.8 KB

    15 - Waugh of Arbuthnot

    pdf, 74.8 KB

    17 - Hardie family

    pdf, 95.4 KB

    18 - Rankine

    pdf, 84.5 KB

    19 - Sword and Brock

    pdf, 104.9 KB

    20 - Glen of Forganhall

    pdf, 84.0 KB

    21 - Scott of Jawcraig

    pdf, 13.9 KB

    22 - Russell of Greenhill

    pdf, 85.8 KB

    23 - Cook family

    pdf, 112.0 KB

    24 - Rennie and Walker families

    pdf, 83.8 KB

    25 - Russell of Dalnair

    pdf, 110.5 KB

    26 - Adam Smith of Dundarroch

    pdf, 132.5 KB

    27 - Crawford

    pdf, 40.4 KB

    28 - Brash

    pdf, 77.7 KB

    29 - Johnstone of Mains of Bothkennar

    pdf, 14.3 KB

    30 - Paterson family

    pdf, 15.1 KB

    31 - John Lorn

    pdf, 81.0 KB

    32 - Johnston of Meadowbank

    pdf, 86.5 KB

    33 - Mair and Rankine

    pdf, 90.9 KB

    34 - Mackay

    pdf, 90.5 KB

    35 - Carron Co

  • Stirlingshire, West Lothian and Central Region 4

    Building Warrants

    pdf, 2.5 MB

    Central Region

    pdf, 97.6 KB


    pdf, 232.6 KB

    West Lothian

    pdf, 218.5 KB

  • Other 17

    Bellsdyke Hospital

    pdf, 41.9 KB

    Callendar Park College of Education

    pdf, 303.9 KB


    pdf, 327.5 KB

    Central Scotland Fire and Rescue

    pdf, 169.9 KB

    Central Scotland Police

    pdf, 8.4 KB

    Community Councils

    pdf, 128.8 KB

    Denny and Dunipace

    pdf, 1.0 MB

    Education records

    pdf, 745.2 KB

    Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary

    pdf, 103.6 KB

    Falkirk College

    pdf, 99.9 KB

    Falkirk Cottage Hospital

    pdf, 9.0 KB

    Falkirk museums

    pdf, 465.6 KB


    pdf, 249.3 KB

    Parochial boards

    pdf, 313.2 KB


    pdf, 103.6 KB

    Valuation and electoral rolls

    pdf, 760.1 KB

    Water authorities

    pdf, 77.6 KB

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