Barbara’s OTAGO Circuit

You will need a chair/support completing these exercises.

1.Neck Mobility x 20

  • Place 3 fingers on your chin.
  • Eyes looking straight ahead. Head level.
  • Pull chin in as if you are a tortoise pulling head in and out of shell.

2. Waist mobility x 10 each side

  • Come slightly forward in your chair, so there is a space behind you.
  • Hands on waist.
  • Twist to the right keeping stomach facing forward and pulled in.
  • Try to look over your shoulder.
  • Do 10 each side.

3. Back extensions x 10 - Mobility for the lower back

  • Come slightly forward in your chair leaving a space behind you.
  • Hands on waist.
  • Pull stomach in, push chest up and slowly lean back (be careful) do not let feet come off the floor.

4. Toe curls (mobility) - To reduce puffy ankles and promote good circulation

  • Bring right foot out in front of you.
  • Raise foot slightly off the floor.
  • Pull toes in towards the knee and then point away (hello toes goodbye).
  • Change feet.

5. Front Knee Straighteners x 10 each leg - To strengthen thigh and muscles leading into the knee

  • Sit up in chair with back supported feet under knees.
  • Skim right foot along the floor then lift the ankle up slowly (count to 3) and straighten leg (don’t lock the knee).
  • Lower the leg slowly (count to 5) back to start position.

6. Back knee straighteners x 10 each leg - To Strengthen hamstrings and back of knee

  • Stand tall and close in to your chair/support.
  • Feet hip width apart.
  • Skim foot backwards along the floor then lift foot slowly (count to3) towards bottom.
  • Knees should be level with each other.
  • Lower the foot slowly to the floor ( count of 5) rest briefly.

7. Side Hip Strengtheners (Harry Worth) x 10 each leg - To strengthen hip flexor area

  • Stand tall with feet hip width apart holding chair/support.
  • Lift leg slowly (count of 3) out to the side, keeping toes pointed forward.
  • Stay centred try not to lean to the side.
  • Bring leg back to starting position (count to 5).
  • Place weight back on both feet briefly.

8. Heel Raises x 10 each Leg - To strengthen calves

  • Stand tall, feet hip width apart holding on to chair/support.
  • Slowly lift the heels keeping weight over the toes, don’t lock knees (up for 3 and down for 5).

9. Toe Raises x 10 each leg - To strengthen the shin area lifting the foot, preventing shuffling

  • Stand close in to the chair/support.
  • Feet hip width apart.
  • Slowly lift toes keeping knees soft.
  • Please avoid leaning forward and sticking bottom out.
  • As before up for count of 3 down for count of 5.

10. Squats x 10-20

  • Stand tall, feet hip width apart.
  • Hold on to chair/support.
  • Bend the knees and push bottom backwards like you were going to sit down.
  • Make sure heels don’t lift and knees don’t turn out.
  • Knees should not be beyond toes.
  • Slowly come back to the starting position.

11. One leg stand 5-20 seconds each leg - This is a balance exercise. It is also used to help strengthen the ankle/foot.

  • Stand tall and close to your support.
  • Balance on one foot, keeping the supporting leg slightly soft.

12. Sit to Stand x 5-20 - This exercise will show you how to get in and out of a chair safely.

  • Sit up straight.
  • Have something in front of you a chair/support.
  • Feet slightly apart.
  • Shimmy forward in your chair till your bottom is on the 1st 3rd of the chair.
  • Lean your chest forward.
  • Stand up, using hands on side of chair if you have to (you can also cross arms in front of chest).
  • Step back so you can feel your calves on the front of chair and lower yourself back down.
  • Repeat up to 10 times.
  • Your aim is to be able to get in and out of chair without support.


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