Damian’s Active Forth circuit

6 stations 1 minute each repeat circuit x3


1. Lunges: Strengthens lower limbs and improves balance

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your core engaged take a large step back with one leg allowing the knee to bend as you land on your toes.
  • The supporting leg will also bend at the knee giving you a large stance. Take care not to bend the front knee so far as to have your knee pass your toes.
  • Now return the rear foot to its starting position straightening both legs as you do.
  • Repeat on alternate legs for 1 minute.

2. Side raises: Strengthens shoulder girdle.

  • Requires 2 FILLED bottles you can comfortably hold in your hands.
  • Standing with feet shoulder width apart and with good posture, bottles held at side of hips. Raise your arms away from the body to shoulder height keeping your pinky finger slightly higher than your thumb throughout.
  • Slowly lower your hands back toward your sides but lift again before they touch your hips.

3. High plank: Strengthens core and arms

  • Using either the floor or a chair (if you cannot go on the floor) begin with your hands positioned below your shoulders and with straight arms.
  • Move your legs back away from your body until your weight is supported on your toes with your legs straight. Keep your tummy pulled in tight and your hips tucked under to keep the stomach muscles engaged. Don't let your bottom stick up or you may feel your back muscles work instead of the target stomach muscles.
  • Hold for 1 minute or stand up every 20 seconds for 5 seconds rest.

4. Thrusters: Strengthens legs, core and upper body.

  • Has a higher cardiac demand as uses a lot of muscles at the same time. You will need your filled water bottles again.
  • Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart, holding your water bottles in front of your shoulders with your arms bent and elbows tucked in under your hands.
  • Bend your knees, keeping a straight back, as if you were going to sit in a chair. Before your bottom touches the imaginary chair straighten out your legs, pushing your hips forward whilst simultaneously pushing your arms up straight over your head.
  • Return your water bottles to the start position and repeat.

5. Knee to opposite elbow: Works abdominal, hip flexors and oblique muscles. Helps co-ordination and balance.

  • Stand tall with one hand in a 'salute' position with the elbow pushed out and back. Maintain the elbow position throughout the exercise.
  • Simultaneously lift the opposite knee towards the elbow, by bending and twisting at the waist.
  • Once the knee reaches the elbow return to the start and repeat x10 before swapping sides.

6. Stair step-ups: Strengthens legs and improves cardiovascular system

  • Choose a stair height or use a sturdy stepping stool. Put your bottles of water in a backpack and wear it to keep your hands free in case you need to use a banister for balance.
  • Place a foot on the desired height of stair/step - this foot will stay on the stair/step for 10 reps. Step the opposite foot up to meet first foot and stand up tall.
  • Return the moving foot to the start position and repeat x 10 before swapping feet positions.


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