Welly Walk at the Helix

Ease: Easy, suitable for families and children
Length: 1.5km
Duration: 30 mins – 1 hour
Map: Download the map here

Make Time: We are all busy, have demands coming from all sorts of different areas of our life, and simply don’t feel like there is time to stop and be in the moment. If this is you then, as you walk along the route listen to the sound your steps make on the different sections of path. There will definitely be squelchiness, but you may also hear the crunch of frozen leaves underfoot, the crack of dried twigs snapping under your feet and splishy-splashy noises in the puddles. Enjoy the sounds and focus of the feelings you experience along the walk and most of all enjoy it.

Release your inner explorer and Head Outside on the less well known wildlife walks around The Helix Park. This walk is a wet and muddy path so watch your step, we keep it natural so we don’t disturb the natural environment for all the animals and birds. You’ll be getting right in there amongst the homes of all our feathered and furry friends. Wellies optional but recommended.


Start at The Falkirk Stadium. On the right hand side you will see a wee wooden sign letting you know you have found the start of the walk.

Follow the hedge line keeping to the right as this is a circular route.

After around 100m, look out for our bug hotel on the right, it’s five star and you can’t miss it because the roof is massive.

Fun fact: A bug hotel is a sheltered purpose built structure that provides a safe environment for beneficial insects which keep the park ecosystem in balance. You may not always like creepy crawlies but they are amazing for the environment. This haven is home to beetles, ladybirds, spiders and even mice and frogs get in on the action. If you would like to build your own Bug Hotel click here.

That’s you met the tiniest inhabitants of the Helix Park, but you may also see deer and buzzards and look out for a very special new resident – a Unicorn.

It’s about to get even wetter! Keep following the path and there’s a den building area for everyone to have a play in, big kids encouraged. Join the rest of the community extending the big den or build your own nearby. Use natural materials from the ground, avoid man made stuff and please don’t be tempted to snap branches off or disturb living plants.

If you’ve built a den or even added to an existing one, this is a great place for a selfie, we’d love it if you could post yours on social media with the #FitForLifeFalkirk.

Dens are a great place for Gruffalos to hide or to find the biggest imaginary bear if you and the family enjoy Going on a Bear Hunt. You can borrow these and many other great books from our libraries as well as finding out more about the wildlife and habitat you’ve discovered today. Check out some of our recommendations here.

You’re now on your way out of the Welly Walk, you’ll go through big scots pines and it should feel very sheltered and cosy.

You’ll spot a dead hedge of natural materials. Dead hedges are great for wildlife, they provide safe spaces for little birds like robins. You can put your new found den building skills to good use and add a few branches to the dead hedge if you like.

You’ll then pop out into the park at the lagoon.

If you’re chilly and want to head home then turn left and you’ll see the spiral 100m to your left. Ring the chime on the way out to signal you’ve finished. If you're not quite ready for home then you can keep walking and explore the rest of The Helix park. 


The walk is 1.5km long and so you’ve got some great exercise today and the benefit of some fresh, if not chilly, air in your lungs. Keep it up and consider making enjoying the outdoors, or any other form of activity, part of your routine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this activity and we look forward to seeing your photo’s using #FitForLifeFalkirk on our social media channels, if you have any additional feedback on our activities please email us at  wearelistening@falkirk.gov.uk


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