Pitches and Pavilions

Booking information

Hallglen Sports Centre is the administrative base for all football pitch enquiries. For further information please contact the centre reception on 01324 503745.

Most pitches and sports pavilions are allocated to teams for the season. For manned and shared venues, where it is still necessary to book for matches, bookings will be taken by phone between the hours of 2.00pm - 10.30pm. The last booking for weekend pitches is Thursday at 3.00pm. No pitches will be allocated after this time.             

  • Airth -  North Greens, The Wilderness, Airth, FK2 8LW  (Pavilion) 1 Pitch   
  • Anderson Park - Falkirk Road, Bonnybridge, FK4 1BG (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Annet Road - Head of Muir, Denny, FK6 5Z (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Avonbridge - Slamannan Road, FK1 2LW (Pavilion) Pitch too small for league teams.
  • Bo’ness Recreation Centre - Gauze Road, Bo’ness, EH51 9QA (Pavilion) 3 Pitches
  • California - California Terrace, FK1 2DD (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Carron Gymnastics CentreCarronlea Drive, Stenhousemuir, FK2 8DN (Pavilion) 2 Pitches
  • Crownest Park - Stenhousemuir, FK5 3BU (Pavilion) 1 Pitch Also called The Lido.
  • Dalgrain - Avon Street, Grangemouth, FK3 8HH (Pavilion) 1 Pitch Changing at Glensburgh Pavilion.
  • Dawson Park - Abbotsford Street, Bainsford, FK2 7NH (Pavilion) 2 Pitches
  • Denny Football Centre -  Shanks Avenue, Denny, FK6 5EB  (Pavilion) 2 Pitches
  • Douglas Park - Linlithgow Road, Braehead, Bo’ness, EH51 9DW Pavilion) 2 Pitches
  • Duncan Stewart - High Street, Bonnybridge, FK4 1BX (Pavilion) 1 Pitch   
  • Easter Carmuirs - Mariner Street, Camelon,  FK1 4HJ (Pavilion) 4 Pitches
  • Gairdoch - North Main Street, Carronshore, FK2 8HW (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Glen Park - Falkirk Road, Glen Village, Falkirk, FK1 2AG (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Glensburgh - Glensburgh Road, Grangemouth, FK3 8XL (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Herbertshire - Playing Fields Denny, FK6 6EE (Pavilion) 3 Pitches Changing at Denny Sports Centre.
  • Inchyra Park - Westerton Road, Grangemouth, FK3 9EY (Pavilion) 4 Pitches Manned pavilion.
  • King George V (Overton)Redding Overton Crescent, Redding Road, Redding, FK2 9XS (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Laurie Park - Quarry Brae, Brightons, FK2 0SX (Pavilion) 2 Pitches also called Quarry Park.   
  • Laurieston - Abbotsford Drive Park Avenue, Laurieston, FK2 9LN (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Letham - Letham Terrace Airth Road, Letham, FK2 8SE (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Loch Park - Park Street, High Bonnybridge, FK4 2AS (Pavilion) 1 Pitch 
  • Maddiston - California Road, Maddiston, FK2 0NH (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Muirhouses - Little Carriden Muirhouses, Bo'ness, EH51 9SW (Pavilion) 1 Pitch Administered locally.
  • Nailer Road - Camelon, FK1 4DA 1 Pitch Changing facilities at Sunnyside. Manned pavilion.
  • Rannoch Park - Rannoch Road, Grangemouth, FK3 0HS (Pavilion) 4 Pitches + 1 rugby pitch.
  • Russell Park - McLachlan Street, Larbert, Stenhousemuir, FK5 3HN (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Shieldhill - Pirleyhill, Crossbrae, Shieldhill, FK1 2EQ (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Skinflats - Newton Avenue, Skinflats, FK2 8NW (Pavilion) 1 Park
  • Slamannan - Blinkbonnie Terrace Bank Street, Slamannan, FK1 3EZ (Pavilion) 1 Pitch 
  • St Joseph's - Broomhill Road, Bonnybridge, FK4 2AN 1 Pitch Not let with changing accommodation.
  • St Margarets - Salmon Inn Road, Polmont, FK2 0XF (Pavilion) 1 Pitch
  • Stewartfield - St George’s Court, Larbert, FK5 4AJ 1 Pitch
  • Stirling Road - Camelon, FK2 7YP (Pavilion) 5 Pitches Red, Yellow and Blue Pavilions.
  • Sunnyside - Dorrator Road, Camelon, FK2 7YV (Pavilion) 2 Pitches 2 rugby pitches (+2 Falkirk RFC), 4 x seven-a-side football pitches. Manned pavilion.
  • Tygetshaugh - Bottom and Top Castle Stirling Street, Dunipace, FK6 6JB (Pavilion) 2 Pitches Known as Tygetshaugh Pavilion. Serving Top Castle Park, Denny and Bottom Castle Park, Denny.
  • Victoria Park - Thornhill Road, Falkirk, FK2 7AA (Pavilion) 3 Pitches
  • Westfield - Westfield Street, Falkirk, FK2 9DT (Pavilion) 1 Pitch Changing facilities at community centre.
  • Westquarter - Park Crescent, Westquarter, FK2 9SY 1 Pitch No longer changing facilities at Westquarter Community Centre. Can offer Laurieston Pavilion. Also called Valley Park.
  • Whitecross - Almond Terrace, Whitecross, EH49 6LJ (Pavilion) 1 Pitch

  • Zetland Park - Bowhouse Road, Grangemouth, FK3 9JX (Pavilion) 4 Pitches Manned pavilion.


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