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Our range of eServices gives you access to reading and study materials, even when we’re closed. Use Libby on your computer or phone to read and listen to books and get PressReader for access to digital magazines and newspapers from around the world. Manage your library account on the library catalogue, or download the Spydus Library app. You can also use the app in place of your library card We also have resources for family history and study that you can access while in our library buildings.

To access all these resources you need to be a library member. Not a member? Find out how to Join the Library here.

  • Get The Library App

    With the Spydus Mobile library app you can request and renew items, and update your details. You can also use the barcode feature in place of your library card. The app is available for Apple and Android but may not work on newer versions of Android. An updated version of this app is coming soon.

    Get started

    Find the app in your device store and install. The app is called Spydus Mobile and shouldn’t be confused with Spydus Go.

    In the app:

    1. Choose Select Library, search Falkirk and choose Falkirk Libraries.
    2. Log in with your library card number and PIN. 
    3. You will be able to choose your home library from the drop-down menu. The app will show the items from all libraries you have visited.

    Spydus mobile app features

    • Manage your loans and reservations.
    • Search the library catalogue and place reservations.
    • Save your searches.
    • Manage your personal details. It is important to keep your email address up to date so we can send loan reminders and reservation notifications.
    • Use the Borrower Barcode option in place of your library card.
    • Scan book barcodes in shops to see if libraries have a copy of the book in stock.
    • See what you have borrowed in the past.

    Please note that the app only shows the loan items of the person logged in. It does not show dependants, though this will be a feature of the new app, which is coming later this year.

    Using the app in place of your library card

    You can use the library app in place of your library card. To display your borrower card, select the three lines in the top left and choose Borrower Barcode. Borrower barcode only shows when you are logged into the app with your library card number and PIN. You can show the barcode at the library counter when you are borrowing items.

    Having log in issues? Please see our Problems with an online service? page here.

  • PressReader: Digital magazines

    PressReader gives you access to a massive range of popular magazines and newspapers from around the world, in your web browser and on the mobile app. There’s an app for Android, Apple, and Kindle Fire.

    Get started with the PressReader app

    1. Visit your device's app store.
    2. Search for the PressReader app and download
    3. Open the app and hit sign in
    4. Select Library or Group
    5. Enter your library card number.
    6. You'll now be prompted for your email address and name.
    7. You’ll be signed in - start browsing!

    Access PressReader on your PC or laptop browser

    There are two levels of access - personalised or complimentary. If you just want to quickly read a publication, without any personalised features, choose complimentary access. If you want to use PressReader across multiple devices, or store your favourite publications, please use Personalised Access to log in.

    Complimentary Access
    1. Visit
    2. Select sign in
    3. Select Library or Group
    4. Search Falkirk and choose Falkirk Council Libraries
    5. Enter your library card number and PIN.
    6. You’ll be signed in with complimentary access and can start browsing.

    PressReader will say you have complimentary access once you've signed in.

    Personalised access
    1. Visit
    2. Select sign in and choose new user - sign up now.
    3. Enter your name and email address.
    4. Once you've signed in, go to the grey spot in the top right and choose My Account
    5. In the account section, look for Social and Linked Networks
    6. Select Library or Group
    7. Search for Falkirk and choose Falkirk Council Libraries
    8. Enter your library card number and PIN.
    9. You should now see that your account is linked with Falkirk Council Libraries
    10. You now have unlimited free access to PressReader.

    You can now ask PressReader to remember your favourite publications and more. You may be asked to sign in again at a later date. You can do this using your email address and password OR by choosing Library and Group and using your library card number and PIN.

    Press Reader features

    With Press Reader you can now browse newspapers and magazines from around the world.

    You’ll also enjoy these features:
    • Favourite your regular reads and automatically have new issues available to read in your account.
    • Search by topic to have PressReader scour publications to find relevant articles.
    • Use the translate feature to read articles in other languages.
    • Try the audio feature to have articles read to you.

    Having problems?

    • PressReader care has help and tutorials to improve your experience:

    • Don’t know your PIN or having log in issues? 



  • Libby: eBooks and eAudiobooks

    Libby: eBooks and eAudiobooks Our free Libby app is packed with eBooks and audiobooks for adults and young people. You’ll find popular authors, big names, genre fiction and non-fiction. See all the fantastic titles for adults, teens, and children.

    You can use the Libby app on your mobile device and in a web browser on your computer. The Libby app is available for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire.

    Get started with Libby

    On your mobile device
    1. Search for Libby in your device’s app store and download for free – see below if you are using a Kindle.
    2. Follow the prompts in the app to find your library. Search for Falkirk.
    3. Create your account as directed, entering your library card number and PIN.  
    4. You’re ready to borrow!

    Using the Libby app on a Kindle Fire

    The Libby app is not currently available in the Amazon store, you need to download it directly from Libby. Find out more about this here.

    In a web browser, on your PC or laptop

    1. Go to
    2. Follow the onscreen prompts to enter your library card number and PIN.
    3. You’re ready to borrow!

    Transfer eBooks to your eReader

    If you have a NOOK or similar eReader that is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), you can download Libby books on your computer, then use ADE to transfer them to your device.

    To download the ADE file:

    1. On a computer, log in at
    2. Select the Libby icon at the bottom of the screen and then choose Loans.
    3. Find the book you want to download and choose Manage Loan.
    4. Choose Read With and then EPUB.

    Having problems?

    • You’ll find extensive Libby help in the app and on the website:

    • Don’t know your PIN or having log in issues? Please see our Problems with an online service? page here.



  • Get Ready For Your Driving Test

    Getting ready for your driving test. Practice the theory and hazard perception elements online, for free, from the comfort of your couch.

    Theory Test Pro is a highly realistic online simulation of the UK's driving theory tests for all vehicle categories. Use on the website or download the app for Android and Apple phones

    How to get started:

    1. Visit
    2. Create an account with your name, email address and library card number.

    After you’ve created your account, you’ll log in with your email address and password. If you want to use the app, create your account on the website first, then log into the app on your device.

    Having problems with Theory Test Pro?

  • Library PC's & WIFI

    Library PCs

    All of our livraries have public computers that you can use to print, fill in application forms and search the web.

    You can log in to any available PC with your library card number and PIN. If you don’t know your PIN, ask at the library counter.

    PC use is for 1 hour and it can be extended to a maximum of 2 hours.

    Library Wi-Fi

    To use library Wi-Fi for the first time, visit the library counter and staff will create an account for you. You’ll then log in with your email address and password.

    Wi-Fi access lasts for the duration of your library visit. You will need to log in again on your next library visit.

    Use your school device in the library

    If you have an iPad that was issued by your school, it will automatically connect to our Wi-Fi without the need to log in.

  • Ancestry Family History

    Ancestry Online is the world’s largest online family history resource.

    You can access Ancestry Online for free from a library PC, or on your own device if you’re using library Wi-Fi.

    An Ancestry subscription would normally cost upwards of £10.99 a month, but you can access the same historical documents and historical photos from all over the world via the library.

  • Access Academic Journal Articles

    Access to Research  gives free access to over 30 million academic articles, from a variety of journals, across a huge range of subjects that includes medicine, education, engineering, science, and business.

    You can use this resource in the library, or when you’re connected to library Wi-Fi on your own device.

  • Problems with an Online Service

    Are you having problems accessing one of our online services or apps? Check our advice below.

    Issue with app or website functionality

    If your problem is with a feature of the app or website, you are always best to check out the help pages for that service first. These pages are very comprehensive and are compiled by the app developers.

    All online services feature inbuilt help:

    If you are unable to find answers to your questions in this way, we will do our best to help. Contact us at

    Please note that all online services are operated by external organisations, so Falkirk Libraries does not have control over app or website features.

    Problems logging into a service

    If you find you are unable to log into a service using your library card number and PIN, this could be because:

    • Your library account has expired – library memberships automatically expire every three years and must be renewed.
    • Your PIN is incorrect (please below how to reset it)

    If you have issues logging in with your library card, please speak to your library or email

    Reset your library PIN

    Everyone who is a library member automatically has a PIN, which is used to log into the library catalogue, use library PCs and Wi-Fi, and access our online services. If you don’t know your PIN, you can reset it.

    Is your email registered with us? If your email address is registered with the library service, you can reset your PIN by following this link:

    Haven’t given us your email address? You can either:

    • Visit your local library, remembering to bring your library card with you, OR
    • Email with your email address, date of birth and postcode. Our admin team will add your email address to our records and send you a web link to update your PIN.

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